Maternity Photographer Parry Sound

Maternity Photographer Parry Sound – Sydney and Zak


Allison Lucienne

November 5, 2014

– Maternity Photographer Parry Sound –

– Sydney and Zak’s Maternity Session –


Did you know that it’s almost winter? Apparently my brain hasn’t processed this yet. When I met up with Sydney and Zak for their maternity session, I was surprised by how COLD it was! I refuse to accept that winter is just around the corner. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that is not winter’s number one fan! Although it was freezing and the wind coming off the water just made it worse, these two were awesome and toughed through it! (Thanks guys you rock!)

Let me talk about Sydney and Zak for a minute. This couple = Amazing! Sydney = GORGEOUS!!! Like seriously though. Look at her! She is beautiful! I’m just a tad jealous at how naturally gorgeous she is! When Sydney and Zak arrived for their session, Zak admitted to me that he typically isn’t very photogenic. I reassured him it was ok, and that usually men are not overly excited to participate in any photo session! I explained to him that my focus was going to be mostly on Sydney and he would only be in a few (errr or almost all) of the shots. He was a trooper though, even in the cold!

Before every session, I have an idea of the the over-all style I want to achieve. Well days before we are scheduled to meet it snows! Of course this is not the style I was going for. So I decided to last minute change my location and style choice, I am very glad I did! This location fit this couple to a t! As the session started, I realized very quickly what their style was and ran with it. I am so overly ecstatic with how this session turned out and I know Sydney and Zak feel the same way!

This session was a great learning experience for me. When all else fails, go with the flow!





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