Sudbury Newborn Photographer

Sudbury Newborn Photographer – Ruby


Allison Lucienne

January 14, 2016

Sweet little Ruby, her handsome blue eyed, curly haired brother, John and their parents came to visit me back in August. Ruby was so very sweet. Her big brother John was one the cutest kids I have seen before. So many natural curls and those blue eyes, oh my!
Newborn Sessions are best completed within 2 weeks of birth. Newborn babies curl just right and tend to sleep a little deeper. Also it avoids the back acne that sometimes starts to come in around the 3 week mark as well as that is around the time a newborn could become colic. Not only do these things make my job easier it also means less time in my studio for you. As important as it is for me and my job, it is also important to come in during those first two weeks because you want images that will remind you how little your newborn really was and delicate and pure they were. This is why I tend to stay away from bright colours and an abundance of props. I want your newborn to shine. I want to capture the small details that you will forget as the years go on. 


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