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Natural Wedding Photos Sudbury Your wedding day will come and go so fast you will be left wondering where the day went. While being surrounded by your nearest and dearest humans and having them present to celebrate your love is just how you envisioned your day, you may look back and realize you didn’t have […]


Do you want natural engagement photos (in Sudbury, Ontario) that are unique to your couple essence?Do you want photos that are an honest representation of everything that your love is? Even the playful eyeroll you give your partner when they spit their ‘dad’ jokes? Yah, I get it. Real talk, if you wish your photos […]


How to embrace rain on your wedding day by a Sudbury Wedding Photographer.Let’s do this! 1. Have a rain day plan for your ceremony/reception. If your ceremony is outdoors, plan a back up location. This could be under an event tent, maybe indoors, or maybe it’s opting to purchase enough clear umbrellas for everyone and […]


Sudbury Wedding Tips for a rainy wedding
Sudbury Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer Sudbury Ontario | Campbell Wedding | They met in a bar. He introduced himself as Dr. JRoc, little did he know that she would be the rest of his life. Love doesn’t happen how we want it to or even when we want it to. It comes fast, hits you hard and leaves […]