Natural Wedding Photos Sudbury


Allison Lucienne

June 5, 2023

Natural Wedding Photos Sudbury

Your wedding day will come and go so fast you will be left wondering where the day went. While being surrounded by your nearest and dearest humans and having them present to celebrate your love is just how you envisioned your day, you may look back and realize you didn’t have a moment to take in the day with your new spouse.

This is your sign to share private vows or a moment alone on your wedding day!

Maybe you have vows you want to shout out for all your fav peeps to hear or maybe you aren’t so comfy sharing all your vulnerability with so many people. Which ever person you are, planning a private moment with the person you just committed to share life with can be a great option for your wedding day.

If you choose to share custom vows with your partner during your ceremony, there are other ways to enjoy a private moment together.
– write all the vulnerable things you left out in your vows in the form of a letter
– enjoy a quiet moment
– tandem breathing
– eye gazing
– a long cuddle while enjoying the nature around you
– a private first dance
– a short walk
– popping a bottle of champagne together

Time alone doesn’t need to have a purpose, even just sitting and talking alone is an option.
Having a moment together to celebrate and connect with each other without interruption or even direction from your photographer.

Schedule out the space in your timeline.
Even 10-15 minutes. Choose for this to be a non-negotiable even if things get behind.
If you are open to this time being documented it can be a great way to achieve natural imagery as you interact with one another while no one else is around.
*Tip have your photographer do this from a distance, out of ear shot so that it really is a private moment.

This doesn’t have to happen right after your ceremony. Here are some other great windows of time to share these moments.
– First look prior to ceremony
– Sunset
– Any time during couple photos

Danica and Jordan choose to plan a private moment together.
They shared short vows during the ceremony and then immediately following they shared private vows with one another. During this time I was able to document their interactions from a distance so that I could not hear them allowing it to be a truly private time. All of the images below were document without direction, the interactions were natural and unique to them.

This is your sign to share a private moment with your partner during your wedding day.

– Natural Wedding Photos Sudbury –

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hi, I’m Alli L – a heart centered documentary-style wedding photographer servicing Sudbury, Muskoka, and Ontario. Nature, connection, beautiful light and real emotion are my jam!

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