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Brystons on the Park Wedding Sudbury


Allison Lucienne

June 18, 2018

Brystons on the Park Wedding Sudbury
Stephanie and James Wedding

Oh, Stephanie and James!
They are easy going, down to earth and super authentic. They are who they are, no questions asked. (which I love sooo much!) Their wedding was such a true representation of their individuality as a couple. It screamed them! Another thing about this rad couple, they are so in love. Their goofy, vibrant love is couple goals. Their wedding was nothing short of that; hilarious. I don’t think I have laughed so hard during the exchange of vows before.. I had tears of laughter. I also had many tears of happiness through the day. The day was full of laughter alright but it was also full of love and so much emotion. Steph and James’ wedding takes the top spot for most emotional wedding of my photography career.
But that’s enough of me babbling on about this couple’s amazing wedding day, just take a look for yourself.


Brystons on the Park Wedding Sudbury || Allison Lucienne Photography


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