Our Lady of Hope Sudbury Wedding

Our Lady of Hope Sudbury Wedding


Allison Lucienne

September 8, 2018

Ronald and Vanessa’s Wedding
Our Lady of Hope Sudbury Wedding

Surrounded by their loved ones, Ronald and Vanessa vowed their love to one another at Our Lady of Hope Church in Sudbury, Ontario. Their day was.. calm and so so so full of love. The marrying of two families, of two cultures made for a unique and very special day but the one thing that was grounded and for sure, was the love between them. Vanessa and Ronald took a laid back, no rush approach to their wedding day. I can’t say enough how much this allowed for a honest portraits of their love on their wedding day. They took the time to bask in the love they have for one another, spending a few quiet hours alone, well with me in tow of course! It was in those moments, in the quiet, that the magic unfolded, allowing me to witness the magic between them. Heading into the reception, the love exploded, not the love they had for one another but the loving energy from their friends and family and don’t even get me started on the dance party that followed all of wonderfulness of the day! But don’t take my word for it. Check out all the love and fun below.

Vendors that made the day what it was!
Ceremony – Our Lady of Hope Church
Reception – The Lexington Hotel
Decor – DYI by the groom, family and friends!
Second Shooter/Assistant/Rock Star of the day – Shout out to my fab partner in crime on wedding days – Kellie Langford, can’t do it without you!

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Our Lady of Hope Sudbury Wedding


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