Same Sex Photography Sudbury


Allison Lucienne

January 31, 2017

Same Sex Photography Sudbury

Shannon and Lyndsay

There are certain couples that you meet that are a little different then others. Couples that have a spark between them that is rare to see. The type of spark that people spend their lives searching for. You look at the couple in front of you and know that they know how lucky they really are to have one another. Shannon and Lyndsay are that couple. You can see the spark. You can see the genuine love and respect that they have for one another when you watch them together. Their strength and caring souls were what I was drawn to when I first met Shannon and Lyndsay. Lyndsay had answered a model call for madly in love couples and I can honestly say they were exactly what I was looking for. They had no problem showing affection to each other , were super awesome and wrote each other letters to share during the session. I know that Lyndsay and Shannon were excited to be models for me but I was even more excited. Spending the day with these two ladies and their fur babies renewed my outlook not only on love but humans as a whole. They were two of the kindest and most genuine souls I have crossed paths with in my journey. It was a great experience capturing their love for one another. I hope you see their love as I did and love this session as much as I do!

Same Sex Photography SudburySame Sex Photography SudburySame Sex Photography Sudbury

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