Sudbury Backyard Wedding


Allison Lucienne

March 2, 2023

Danica and Jordan’s Sudbury backyard wedding was unique and a great representation of them. Couples expressing who they are makes my heart so happy! From funky socks, to non gender specific wedding parties, to a game of flip cup as their entrance, this couple did it their way! It can be hard to feel like your wedding can be different than the way things have always been done. It can be hard to want to create new traditions but let them be that, the possibilities for new traditions.

What items will you need to pull off a Sudbury backyard wedding?
Well there are the obvious things such as,
– An event tent. Personally I prefer a clear span tent so you can still take in the stars through-out your event and also, from a photographers perspective, the natural light that a clear roof provides before the sunsets is a must have. Having multiple lighting situations during your reception isn’t ideal. Having some guest on the edge of the tent, half inside and half outside and others fully under a canvas cover makes for multiple different lighting needs. and don’t forget walls for the tent (super handy if it’s a cold night)
– chairs
– tables
– dinnerware (everything you would need for a meal.)
– a dance floor, sound equipment (if no dj)
– lighting
– heaters (depending on the time of year)
– bathrooms
– caterers
– linens
– a bar

and then there are the less obvious things such as,
– secondary tents for the bar and dance floor (unless you plan to have it all under one tent)
– a place for caterers to set up and serve from (a tent for possible rain)
– hiring bar tenders and possibly servers (if not provided by the catering company)
– a liquor license
– outdoor games
– a bonfire space that is a safe distance from the tents (if this is your vibe)
– a conversation with the neighbours if they are close by!

I’m sure I am forgetting some things that are important. This is why a wedding planner is always a good idea!

For wedding rentals –
Pete’s Party Rentals
Wildflower Wedding and Event Rentals

Wedding Planners –
Three Graces
Life’s a Peach Events

Huge shout out to DJ Groovy Beatty for the killer tunes at the wedding!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Hi, I’m Alli L – a heart centred documentary-style wedding photographer servicing Sudbury, Muskoka, and Ontario. Nature, connection, beautiful light and real emotion are my jam!

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Sudbury backyard wedding couples' names and wedding date on a record used for their guest book.
Sudbury backyard wedding venue. W backyard with a lake in the background.
Sudbury Backyard Wedding
Sudbury Backyard Wedding guest doing hair.
Sudbury Backyard Wedding first look with bride, her brother and father.
Sudbury Backyard Wedding bride first look, brother crying into jacket when seeing his sister for the first time.
Sudbury Backyard Wedding bride laughing with father.
Sudbury Backyard Wedding groom smoking a cigar.
Sudbury backyard wedding groom crying when seeing bride for the first time.
Sudbury backyard wedding bride and groom during ceremony.
Sudbury backyard wedding best man crying during ceremony.
Sudbury backyard wedding couple sharing private vows.
Sudbury backyard wedding party smiling at camera.
Sudbury backyard wedding reception tent with all the guest clapping.
Sudbury backyard wedding couple's first dance. blurry photo.

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