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Sudbury Birth Photographer – Mandy & Mario


Allison Lucienne

August 11, 2015

Sudbury Birth Photographer

Mandy and Mario’s Birth Story


When I started my journey as a photographer, I knew that I was still learning and I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself to preform well when I had so many improvements to make. The thought of not being able to reshoot something if I messed it up gave me slight anxiety! I went over in my head so many times the different paths I could take, Weddings.. no. That’s someones BIG day! If I mess that up, I can’t reshoot that. When birth popped into my head that feeling of anxiety never came and the thought of reshooting never crossed my mind.
I knew this was something I needed to explore in the future. When I felt confident enough to shoot someone’s birth, I put out a model call and was very lucky to have Mandy send me an inquiry.

I meet Mandy for a coffee to talk about the little stuff, and big stuff, to go over everything that could or could’t happen and to talked about the moments no one wants to talk about. After meeting with her and learning about her choice of a natural home water birth I was so excited for her little man to join the world!

One morning in April, after working a very long night shift at my ‘day’ job, I had crawled into bed for a little bit of sleep, but only 2 hours in and my phone was ringing! It was Mandy and it was go time!! Sleep? Who needs it, adrenaline is an amazing thing! Well adrenaline and an XL Tim’s coffee!

I arrived at Mandy’s home, she was in the birthing pool smiling away. Man was I nervous, but the amazing midwives from Sudbury Community Midwifery were friendly and helped calm my nerves. The support and care they provided for Mandy was indescribable. If you have not had a chance to experience what a midwife offers to clients, go do some research and ask around. The reviews you will get will be incredible!

5 hours and a lot of pain concurred with raw strength and a great support team, baby Lincoln joined the world! I cried, of course because I am an emotional woman that doesn’t hide that when a beautiful moment happens.

This experience was it. I am hooked. Birth Photographer for life. I don’t think I could keep moving forward in my life happily, without getting to experience this at least a million more times!














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