Wedding Photos Sudbury – Top 5 tips for Brag Worthy Wedding Photos


Allison Lucienne

March 10, 2020

Wedding Photos Sudbury
| Top 5 tips for brag worthy wedding photos |

Wedding Photos Sudbury | Top 5 tips for brag worthy wedding photos.

When I ask my clients what their biggest fear is on their wedding day is, one of their answer, besides bad weather, is their wedding photos turning out bad. This comes as no surprise. Spending months prepping for this day, and when you wake up the next day in your new spouses arms, all you will have is your memories and your wedding photos to bring you back to that day. The fear of bad photos is real. I can’t change the weather on your wedding day, but I can give you my top tips to make your wedding photos brag worthy!

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Tip #1 – Pre wedding prep!
Let’s start at the beginning. You are looking for a wedding photographer, and there are so many choices. Your friends photos turned out great, but maybe you just don’t vibe with her photographer, or maybe you have a long time family friend who is a photographer, but maybe you just aren’t a fan of their style of photos. Choosing the right photographer for you and your partner is SO important. As a photographer I will be following you around for the entire day, can you imagine if you honestly can’t handle me as a person? I’m just awkward and weird and we don’t vibe at all?! That is a long day. How can you expect to have the most amazing photos if you hate the way I direct you, or the way I laugh just irks you? It happens! Don’t settle! Meet with lots of photographers, jump on the phone, have honest and real conversations. Talk about your fears and what is the most important things to you on your wedding day! Honest and open communication is so important in building a connect with you photographer.

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Tip # 2 – Practice!
Have you ever heard anyone preach that practice makes perfect? Well, thats because there is truth behind it and when it comes to your wedding photos, it won’t be any different. Do you think models just jump in front of the camera at a photo shoot and nail it the first time. Hardly! They practice in a mirror, they practice with their friends, they practice spinning and twirling, they practice their faces and how their body looks in certain positions. They look at the photos and find what works and what doesn’t.
What better way to practice than during an engagement session? That is exactly why engagement session are soooooo very important! To have time to practice, to learn about yourselves, how you like to be photographed, if the good vibes between you and your photograph carry over into shooting. It is an opportunity to learn to work well together, learning how the other moves, what works as a team! I may be the one with the camera on your wedding day, but if we do not mesh well together, it will show in your photos!

Tip # 3 – Time!
Make time! Yes, that’s right! It’s your wedding day, so if having amazing wedding photos are important to you, make the time for them in your timeline. Block off a solid 30-60 minutes for just couple photos during your day. I know, you want to get back to the party, you want to see your guests, but there is time for both. Doing photos before the ceremony, or during cocktail hour, or possible even breaking it up into two separate time blocks, one following the ceremony and one at sunset.
Real talk for a moment, it really comes down to what your time is worth! Write a list of the most important part of your wedding day, all the way down to the least important part of your day. Now arrange your timeline around the most important parts of the day! If photos, really aren’t that important than chat with your wedding photographer about how much time is realistic. Also it is important to chat with your photographer about the time of day you are planning on doing your photos because lighting is a major part of what makes a great photo! (I will post a more in depth blog post on this later!)

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Tip # 4 – Relax!
YAH! You are here! It’s the day of your wedding and it’s time for the photos!
I know, you are worrying, you want to look perfect. A million things are running through your mind, am I doing it right? How does my smile look? How is my hair? Is my partner ok? How does my partner look? How much time do we have? Do we need head to the next thing in our timeline?
All that overthinking shows in photos. First, set an alarm! Right so simple, but who would think of this. Set an alarm for what time you need to leave for the next portion of your day. Being late happens more often than not on your wedding day but let’s relieve a little bit of that stress during your photos. Secondly, breathe! Check in with your body, where are you holding tension? Relax your shoulders. Relax your face. Clear your mind. Allow yourself to sink into the moment! Allow yourself to just be!

Tip # 5 – Have fun!
It is your wedding day! Stop and enjoy it! Laugh, smile, dance, twirl, do whatever it is that you do to celebrate! The day will fly by quicker than you can say I’m married, so enjoy it! A genuine smile will show in your photos and when you look back on your wedding day, what do you want to remember? How much fun you had, how happy you were or do you want relive all the stress you felt in that moment! The choice is yours but a little insiders tip friend to friend, choose the happy, loving smiling, fun memories. They are the photos you will brag about!

I can’t promise that if you implement these tips that your wedding photos will be perfect, but I can promise that they will help reduce your stress around the topic and well, let’s be honest, we can all do with a little less stress not only on our wedding day but in our every day lives!

Happy… errr…. Wedding day photos! haha 🙂
– Allison

Wedding Photos Sudbury


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