Covid-19 and your Sudbury Wedding


Allison Lucienne

April 21, 2020

Moving in a time of stillness

how to continue to move when you have been told to be still

Covid-19 and your Sudbury Wedding

The one thing I will always remember is how fast everything changed. I was driving into work (my ‘day’ job is essential, thank you Mr. Ford for the acknowledgement. ha.) and thinking how eerie it all felt. It was a Tuesday evening around 6pm but there were hardly any cars on the roads. It wasn’t normal but I guess, this is the new normal, until it’s not.

I am the type of person who will ignore something that I don’t want to feel. This wasn’t any different. I was in denial at first. I avoided life and binged watched Jane The Virgin for a week straight in my pj’s. If I didn’t see it, it wasn’t real. I remember seeing other photographers I follow in the US talking about weddings being cancelled, I told myself that was there and not here. How could the virus come to a small city like Sudbury? Then it did. It was real.

I debated on taking to my own social media to talk about it but what would I say? Me, a photographer. What could I say that would impact anyone? To offer support to others when I wasn’t entirely sure how to support myself in the midst of change.

I remember the feeling in my stomach when my first bride reached out about her options. My heart broke for the couple. I couldn’t imagine being forced to postpone or cancel what society sees as one of the most important days of my life.

Transitions can be uncomfortable. Change can be challenging. It is unknown and the unknown can bring a lot of fear.

There is no one size fits all with how to cope and move through a time like this. Allow your intuition to guide you through, seek acceptance, give yourself grace and surround yourself with love. Love for yourself and for others. Turn to kindness in times of frustration. Reach for the light when you feel the darkness closing in.

I really struggled with what to name this blog post, the usual ‘top tips’ ideas came to mind, but just didn’t feel right. Below are a few idea to help bring light to a situation that might feel uncomfortable, to help you move through the change of having to cancel a life event.

Grieve the loss. Don’t judge yourself in this moment. You are allowed to feel however you feel.

Celebrate the day.
Find a way to make the day special – because although it’s not THE day, that day will always be in your memories as the day that should have been.
Share a romantic date night in – be sure to dance to your song in candle light.
Hire a photographer to do a Facetime Session.
Spend all day in bed, engulfed in each other.
Schedule a zoom call dinner with your closest and dearest.
OR do it all!

Move forward by continuing to plan!
Contact all of your vendors. Find out your options for rescheduling. Pick a new date. Let your guests know the new date! Get excited! This day will happen.

Life may not be unfolding as you had planned. That is okay.
Remember you are here. You are in love. This moment does not get to take that from you. One day you will wake up and life will be a new normal again. Life goes on even in stillness.

Sending allllll the healthy and loving vibes to you all <3

Covid-19 and your Sudbury Wedding


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