Parry Sound Wedding Photographer


Allison Lucienne

January 13, 2017

Parry Sound Wedding Photographer
Kayla and Alex

The bond between an older sister and younger brother is something special. First it starts off with negative feelings of hate and resentment because your life is spent babysitting and then it turns into to feeling of annoyance because back off your not mom but as you grow older, the resentment, annoyance and hate fads and all that is left is love and pride. As I watched my little brother grow I am so full of pride with the man he has become. The first time I met Kayla, I was full of judgment because no one was good enough for my little brother. Our relationship, just like a relationship with one of your siblings started out with annoyance, stop touching my things but one day it hit me, we fight like we are sister and that grew into the love of sisters. As I watched you two share your love for each other on your wedding day, I was full of love and pride for you both. You have grown into strong, beautiful souls and amazing parents too.

Kayla and Alex shared their love for one another with close friends and family at the Seguin Valley Golf Course in Parry Sound, Ontario. Although it was the beginning of December the fairways were still green and there was no snow in site. The day was full of love and the night with laughter and tears. Congratulations to Alex and Kayla on their forever day!

A HUGE shout out to the wonderful Kellie Langford​ for her help and capturing such beautiful images along side me! I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Parry Sound Wedding PhotographerParry Sound Wedding PhotographerParry Sound Wedding PhotographerParry Sound Wedding Photographer

Parry Sound Wedding PhotographerParry Sound Wedding Photographer


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