Yoga Photography Sudbury

Yoga Photography Sudbury


Allison Lucienne

January 9, 2017

Yoga Photography Sudbury
Samantha’s Soul Session
Sam was my VERY first Soul Session!
Like alllllll the way back to January 2017!
It’s crazy to think this was the start of a girl with a dream making shit happen!

Sam was so patient and easy going! It made the my love for Soul Session grow even more than I thought was possible! I walked into her home so nervous and left on a high! I was hoooookkkkkeeeddd! Like for reals. I knew this was something I had to keep exploring and see what would develop for my love of seeing people at a soul level!

Sam did what she loved during her session. We talked about what a soul session was prior to the shoot. I don’t think either one of us really knew what it was. I told Sam to do what made her soul happy. She chose to spend her time doing yoga. Then at the end, brought in her fur baby. Seeing the light in Sam during her session was pure fucking magic!

Anyways! No more rambling from me! Here is Sam!

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