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Sudbury Nursing Session – Sydney & Kyah


Allison Lucienne

June 12, 2015

| Sydney & Kyah’s Nursing Session |

Sudbury Nursing Session

I have worked with Sydney a few times before she contacted me for this session. When she suggested a nursing session, I was so excited! I was nervous, this was my first nursing session but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to capture such a beautiful moment between a mother and child.
I met Sydney and Kyah at their home, in their environment, where nursing happens in all place, at all times of the day and night; a place that was comfortable for them.
After nursing my second child, I realize how important nursing is. The bond between a mother and a child is so amazing. The feeling when nursing is indescribable.
Sydney is one of the most amazing mothers I have had the honour of meeting. She may be young but she is one tough women. She puts Kyah before herself and it shows.
I have to give Sydney credit for allowing me to share these images! She doesn’t care who sees these. She truly believes the beauty in the photos is worth more then people’s opinions.
Props to you Sydney! Keep kicking butt!
SO excited to see Kyah tomorrow for her 6 month session!

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