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Natural Wedding Photos Sudbury Your wedding day will come and go so fast you will be left wondering where the day went. While being surrounded by your nearest and dearest humans and having them present to celebrate your love is just how you envisioned your day, you may look back and realize you didn’t have […]


Hi! I’m Alli L! I’ve been a Sudbury photographer for 10 + years. I mostly document, you guessed it, weddings. Over the last 10 years I have seen my fair share of wedding days. I started to notice there was a theme I was hearing repeatedly from various couples, “it just went by so fast’ […]


Wedding couple taking in the view of Georgian Bay in Killarney just north of Sudbury.

How to embrace rain on your wedding day by a Sudbury Wedding Photographer.Let’s do this! 1. Have a rain day plan for your ceremony/reception. If your ceremony is outdoors, plan a back up location. This could be under an event tent, maybe indoors, or maybe it’s opting to purchase enough clear umbrellas for everyone and […]


Sudbury Wedding Tips for a rainy wedding

Moving in a time of stillness how to continue to move when you have been told to be still Covid-19 and your Sudbury Wedding The one thing I will always remember is how fast everything changed. I was driving into work (my ‘day’ job is essential, thank you Mr. Ford for the acknowledgement. ha.) and […]


Wedding Photos Sudbury | Top 5 tips for brag worthy wedding photos | Wedding Photos Sudbury | Top 5 tips for brag worthy wedding photos. When I ask my clients what their biggest fear is on their wedding day is, one of their answer, besides bad weather, is their wedding photos turning out bad. This […]